Radiation-Producing Devices and Materials

  • If there is any radiation-labeled work areas (e.g. room, bench) or equipment (e.g. freezer, centrifuge, liquid scintillation counter, fume hood) the Radiation Safety Office must be contacted for final survey and de-certification.
  • If any radiation-emitting equipment (e.g., x-ray device) will be removed, relocated, or discarded, the Radiation Safety Office (412) 624-2728 must be notified.
  • If any radioactive material is stored in the laboratory, the Radiation Safety Office must be contacted, to coordinate its removal, transfer, or disposal.
  • If any departing personnel hold Access Cards to secured areas containing radiation-emitting devices (e.g., gamma irradiators, gamma knife), the Radiation Safety Office must be informed of the individual’s departure. Access Cards cannot be transferred to another investigator; they must be returned to the Radiation Safety Office upon departure of the initially assigned holder.