Fiscal Matters

Take action to complete all effort certification responsibilities. Please certify all effort statements currently available in ECC for yourself and all personnel working on your sponsored projects. If work has continued beyond the end date on your last certified effort statement(s), please work with your department administrator to complete the paperwork needed for a Proxy/Designee and to document your confirmation of effort expended through your final working day. 

With respect to all fiscal matters, and research grant and contract matters arising from the departure of an investigator and the potential need to notify sponsors of a change in PI, the department research administrator should contact the Office of Sponsored Programs (412) 624-7400 to complete necessary paperwork. The Office of Sponsored Programs will also assist with any needed Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) to transfer University research materials. No University research materials may be taken to a new institution without an approved MTA in place. Permission of Chair or Institute Director is required for the relinquishment of any grants, or the transfer of any data, equipment or materials.