DEA Controlled Substances

  • DEA controlled substances must not be abandoned or left behind. The abandonment of DEA controlled substances is a violation of federal law.
  • All DEA controlled substances must be properly disposed through a reverse distributor prior to separating from the University. EH&S must be contacted in advance to initiate disposal procedures. The quarterly controlled substance collection schedule is available at the EH&S web site (
  • While the transfer of DEA controlled substances from one licensed investigator to another is discouraged, it is permissible. The investigator wishing to transfer controlled substance(s) must have a currently active DEA license and must first contact the Pittsburgh DEA Field Office at 412-777-1870 to ensure that all required transfer documentation is obtained. The receiving investigator must also have a currently active DEA license that permits the storage and use of the particular controlled substances(s) being transferred.